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Front-end developer with professional experience in project management and marketing.

My name is Rossella. I make beautiful responsive websites. I live in Tokyo but I call many places home. I was born and raised in a little city in Southern Italy, and as soon as I was 18, I moved to Venice to study Chinese Language at University. After graduating, I moved to London where I lived for 6 years and where I was first exposed to the wonderful world of web development.

While I was working as Membership Coordinator for one of the most interesting independent cinema companies in the UK, I was involved in the design of the company website, with particular attention to the user experience... and I liked it so much I decided to learn how to make visually appealing and functional websites!

After 6 years in London, I moved with my husband to Tokyo, where I am now looking for my fist gig as a front end web developer. I am looking for an internship or a junior role in an English-speaking company. I am also available for freelancing work.

I love travelling and I am writing a blog where I share my travel stories and my pictures of Japan. Check it out here!

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  • Freelance work
  • Tokyo-based or remote job opportunities
  • Marketing consultancy
  • Travel ideas
  • Advice on visiting Japan
  • Italian cooking tips

Rossella Ferrandino

Phone number: +81 080 7742 9151